Exercise to Enforce Positional Discipline in the Attacking Phase

When attacking it is common for teams to lose discipline as players become excited by the idea of scoring and make forward runs that can potentially leave the team vulnerable if the attack were to break down. 

This is very easy to spot in amateur 5-a-side teams. Usually the team attacking is held up by the defending team and spotting an opportunity the attacking teams last defender will join the attack to take advantage of some space. If the team then loses possession they find themselves in an extremely vulnerable position. 

In a well disciplined team one of the other players already in the attack will be aware that the last defender has joined the attack and will retreat to cover the vulnerable space vacated by the last defender. He will selflessly give up his chance of scoring or creating a goal for the benefit of the team should the attack breakdown. 

 In 11-a-side games this type of in-discipline usually occurs when: 

  • All central midfielders join the attack. 
  • Both fullbacks join the attack. 
  • Both fullback and winger on the same side join the attack. 
  • A centre back moves into midfield with the ball. 

A simple exercise to drill this type of discipline into players is to assign players positions during training games and then partner them up with another player and instructions that only one of the two players can join an attack at the same time. If both players join the attack then a free kick is given against their team.


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