Colour System

Alongside many references to Mourinho’s bible there are sometimes references to a “Colour System”, “Colour Box System” or “Colour Coding System”.

The Colour System seems to be a way for Mourinho’s teams to respond in a coordinated way to certain situations.

I want a team that at any given time, in a given
situation, all players think and react identically to the
same problem.

Mourinho from Por qué tantas victorias

Everyone at the club thinks the same, the other week, we played Fulham with our top youth team. Fulham did not cope well with the way we played. They were moaning and they soon went into the role of victims. We call that the grey box at Chelsea.

So from the dugout I shouted to my boys: ‘Grey box’. All the players recognised the situation and, bang, they went into overdrive. They quickly moved up the tempo and killed them off by scoring the third goal.

Ruud Kaiser 2006

The idea is similar to the number system used by Cus D`Amato.


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