Mourinho Chelsea Drill 26

Mourinho Drill 26

Taken from a pdf of 39 drills used by Mourinho while in his first stint as Chelsea manager


Link up play to include space-making & switching of play.

Server (S) plays into X1 (makes space). X1 then plays into X3 who plays a deep pass into X2. X1 supports X2 and receives a pass into space. Play ball back to server. X1 & X2 rotate. Repeat other side with X3 & X4.

An example of Mourinho performing this drill can bee seen on exercise 1 of the video Football For Kids.

Key Factors:

  • Weight, accuracy & control of passes
  • Variation of space making skills
  • Ability to play 1-2’s with inside & outside of both feet.
  • Rotation of players

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