Mourinho Chelsea Drill 16

Mourinho Drill 16

Taken from a pdf of 39 drills used by Mourinho while in his first stint as Chelsea manager


Figure of 8 practice playing to our numbers in the system. 2 balls at once, down the same side of the pitch. Play from 4 to 5, through 6 and finish with the wide man delivering for front man.


1. As above but when 8 receives the ball he now passes to 9, who then sets to 11.

2. When 6 receives ball, 11 comes in field and as 6 plays to 8, 11 calls ‘over’. 11 then plays to 9 who in turn sets 8. 11 spins outfield to receive from 8

Key Factors:

  • Correct distance relevant to shape and pitch size
  • Weight of pass
  • Quality of first touch
  • Early movement / sideways on to receive

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