Mourinho Chelsea Drill 8


Taken from a pdf of 39 drills used by Mourinho while in his first stint as Chelsea manager


4v4 in playing area with 2 unopposed wide men. Encourage creative attacking play in central areas and involve wide men to create an overload and to get crosses in. Work on positional play in relation to 4-3-3 system.

Key Factors:

  • Forward passing
  • Rotation of midfield 3 (Related to 4-3-3)
  • Creating passing options/angles
  • Creativity
  • Crossing & Finishing

Notes: If trying to emulate the 4-3-3 playing patterns practiced by Real Madrid I would encourage the team to feed the ball into the CF who then dumps the ball to one of the CMs, this seems to be the foundation for most 4-3-3 attacks originating from a central position.


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