Mourinho Chelsea Drill 6


Taken from a pdf of 39 drills used by Mourinho while in his first stint as Chelsea manager


10v10 in 30×50 playing area, each player is given a number. Coach calls 4 numbers from one team (e.g. blue 1,2,3,4) those players have to leave the pitch and sprint around a pole on the outside leaving a 10v6 in the area until the 4 players return. Keep possession in the 10v10 situation but change the tempo and make the most of the 10v6 situation.

Key factors:

  • Keeping possession / Patience
  • Change of tempo
  • Attacking options (think counter attack)
  • Decision making

Notes: This drill can be used to get your players used to assessing the phase of play and numerical situation they find themselves in and react accordingly. For example they have possession and are in numerical supremacy so must launch fast attack before defending team have time to get players back, You can alter the drill to focus on a particular phase of play that you think the team needs to work on and remove players that will create the scenario you wish to practice.


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