4v2 Possesion

6 players are divided into 3 teams and put in a grid divided into 4 sub grids. 1 team starts in the middle and the remaining 4 players are given a grid each within the main grid. The objective is for the 2 players in the middle to win the ball back or force an error. The other 2 pairs are in competition to see which pair can make the fewest errors. If a team makes 3 errors then they replace the 2 players in the middle.

This exercise is great to train simple decision making as each player only has 3 options and the 2 players in the middle can only limit 2 of those options always leaving 1 free. Therefore the player in possession should always be able to find a solution.

The players in the middle may lose the willingness to close down the player in possession after they realise they can always be beaten. It’s important to encourage them to try with the understanding that by hurrying the opposition they can force mistakes.




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