Pre-season training 2013 – session 6

Manager instructed players who were early to keep the ball up in groups.
Half pitch with full size goals was set up. Pitch was separated into 3 sections for defence, midfield and attack.
Group was divided into 3 teams of 7 wearing different colour bibs. The session consisted of 2 teams playing 2 touch football but only 2 players were allowed in each zone unless the team were attacking and then they were allowed 3. Started with 2 touch and progressed to open play. Team on the outside jogged around the pitch and collected balls until teams changed after 3 mins.
Giving early players a task got the energy level up at the beginning.
1 team sitting out and the manager keeping score kept the games intensity high.
Training session wasn’t too tough before game 2 days later.
Manager didn’t interrupt the drill but instructed team that wasn’t playing.

Still no clear goal, re-iterated through drill.


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