Pre-season training 2013 – session 5

Basic warm-up, 2 laps of pitch and static stretches.
4 player passing drill starting with short passes then gradually moving the cones further away to make longer passes.
2v2 player attack and defend drill with 2 neutral players.
8v8 transition game.
Core exercises.

2v2 drill good way to focus on movement of players, i.e. 1 player moves up the other player moves down.

Would be nice if manager gave time for and encouraged teams to plan and develop strategies for drills.
Lots of time spent waiting around at the beginning. This time could be better utilised. Maybe pre training drills, games or 1 on 1’s with the manager.
No clear instructions before starting drills. No matter how basic or how many times the team has done the drill before the coach should instruct players on the drill before starting it and not during.
Would be better to have 1 goal for training session and keep re-stating it through session and have each drill focus on that goal. E.g. Recovering runs, transitioning quickly.


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