Pre-season Training 2013 – session 4


Started with 3 Player passing drill. Drill started with 1 touch passing then moved onto volleys, chest and volleys and then jumping headers over the static defender.
Players were then divided into 3 teams and the session then moved onto a possession game in a grid about 50 x 60 yards with 1 team on the outside providing an out ball for both teams. 1st team to ten passes scored a goal over 3 minutes then the teams changed. After about 6 rounds of this the same grid was used but with 4 goals 2 at each end. Teams could then score using the goals or making 10 passes.


  1. Was good to have a competitive element with the set teams and the coach keeping score.
  2. 3 Player passing drill was good because of the side to side movement to go either side of the static defender.
  3. Manager starting to find his voice and addressing the whole team confidently. He also made time for some 1 on 1 talks.


  1. Manager interrupted play too much which sometimes isn’t bad but don’t interrupt a team to give cliche football talk. For example didn’t give any instruction to possession game then stopped the game halfway through to tell all the teams off for not playing with their heads up and then gave a cliche like “if you play with your head up you will win every game” would have been much better to instruct players to play with head up at beginning and then from the side lines keep reminding players with shouts of “head up”
  2. Manager gave incentive that losing teams do more sprints at the end. I think this sends the wrong message, we should be encouraging hard work, doing more sprints should be a source of pride not used as a punishment.
  3. Could have provided water.

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