Pre-season 2013 – Friendly 1

Met 1 hour before game. Pitch already set up. Changed into kit. Some players socialised some players started stretching and playing with the ball. The group then formed a circle and started playing keep ball without instruction from the manager.

With 40 mins to go the manager announced the starting 11 then the whole squad started warming up with 2 lines of players running to a cone a back and each time performing a different dynamic stretching exercise.

Manager marked out a 15x15m square substitutes on the outside. In the middle were the 10 outfield players split into 2 groups of 5 with 1 group in coloured bibs. Each substitute had a ball and the players in the inside would play a wall pass with each of the substitutes at random. After 3 minutes the wall pass was replaced with a chest and volley and then finally a jumping header.

The warm up then changed to 5v5 keep ball with 2 touches and the teams were able to use the substitutes for 1 touch wall passes.

After completing the warm up the coach gave a pre match team talk.

At half time the coach gave a team talk.

Warm up games gave the starting 10 outfield players lots of touches and raised their heart rate while being interesting.
Warm up game gave focus on starting players but kept the substitutes involved.
At one point a player asked what grade the opposition were and the coach replied “they are 11 players that’s all you need to know” this was excellent it really set the tone that it was all about us and our performance.

Pre match team talk involved too many tactical instructions that have not been previously drilled. Eg 4 or 5 different tactical instructions were given to the centre midfielders alone that in my opinion would require drills to perfect. The chances of a player interpreting these instructions (most people had stopped listening by this point) and then performing them on the pitch in a game situation for me is close to zero therefore it is not valuable.
Half time team talk consisted of 15 minutes of generalisations and random tactical instructions. First touch needs to be better. Pass and move. When player x breaks down the line make sure you get in the box. Most people had stopped listening after 2 mins. Might be better to stick to high level strategic instructions and only tactical instructions that have previously been drilled.
List of problems during the game should be used to create list of drills for next weeks training sessions.


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