“I wrote a document that never is going to be published. It is my “training dossier”, where I keep all my training guidelines. That is, all my training goals and the way to achieve them through my methodological principles; “to improve these given principles, these exercises”. If I should have to name this document, its title would be: “The evolution of my training concepts””(Mourinho, J. in Lourenço, L. & Ilharco, 2007)

This blog is a diary influenced after reading about Jose Mourinho’s bible. Mourinho’s bible is a document that lays out his blueprint for how to train a football team gathered from research and experience over his career. I am currently a player and I have every intention of entering management when my playing days are over and this blog will be used as a journal to record my research and experience with the aim of one day creating my own bible from these notes. Hopefully other people might also find value in these pages and help them on their journey.


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