“I wrote a document that never is going to be published. It is my “training dossier”, where I keep all my training guidelines. That is, all my training goals and the way to achieve them through my methodological principles; “to improve these given principles, these exercises”. If I should have to name this document, its title would be: “The evolution of my training concepts””(Mourinho, J. in Lourenço, L. & Ilharco, 2007)

This blog is influenced after reading about Jose Mourinho’s bible. Mourinho’s bible is a document that lays out his blueprint for how to train a football team gathered from research and experience over his career. Every-time I find a useful piece of information related to a principle or a training drill to train a principle I add it to this site and tag it so I can find it easily at a later date. Hopefully other people might also find value in these pages too.


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